Here’s footage of Deadrop, from the NFT-fuelled developer backed by Dr Disrespect


Early footage of Deadrop has hit the internet, giving us a look at the project backed by controversial streamer Guy Beahm, AKA Dr Disrespect.

However, fans of Beahm have given the footage a mixed reception – especially after the project was hyped up by the streamer and compared to Call of Duty. In June, a widely-shared comment by Beahm stated that Deadrop “blows out anything from the COD engine”.

Currently, paid-up owners can access a firing range and a small, dark, dirty environment set in the game’s dingy alternate world. Eventually, Deadrop is designed to be an extraction shooter. Today, it still seems very far off.

Indeed, fans have pointed to Beahm’s previous comment – which come as part of a long-running feud with Call of Duty – and concluded that Deadrop currently still needs a lot of work.

Before his streaming career, Beahm worked as community manager at Call of Duty developer Sledgehammer Games. After his high-profile ban from Twitch – the reason for which has never been made public – Beahm criticised the Call of Duty brand as having distanced itself from him.

Beahm has not commented specifically on the reaction, but posted following the gameplay reveal with a hopeful message for the future.

“I woke up this morning feeling so damn good,” he tweeted. “Thinking about what can transpire from Deadrop over the next few years. Long road ahead, with a HUGE vision.”