Petrol station owner sells fuel for 25p a litre less than other garages to ‘help locals’


A petrol station is helping people in the cost of living crisis by charging customers 25p a litre less than other garages.

Massive queues are building up at D.A. Roberts Fuels Ltd in Whitchurch, Shropshire after drivers are hearing about its bargain prices compared with other providers.

As petrol prices continue to skyrocket, Brits are having to think carefully every time they get in the car, with many choosing not to drive or find alternative forms of transport.

But this independent garage is helping motorists out by offering much lower prices on fuel.

The UK average is currently 188.8p for petrol and 196.9p for diesel, the RAC revealed.

That’s more than 25p per litre more expensive than the D.A. Roberts Fuels prices, according to the Sun.

Owner of the bargain garage Dave Roberts criticised supermarkets for “reaping in the profit” while people struggle in the cost of living crisis.

“Here, we run how we want to run it and we take our margin out what we need and we try and help the locals, the cost of living and that jazz,” he said.

Despite his generous offering, Dave said some customers still drive away without paying as prices continue to rise.

The garage owner said he’s had nearly £1,000 stolen by motorists driving off just in the last month, he told the BBC.

He continued: “We obviously made a good deal with the oil company when we started our contract.

“We are just about to change to another contract which is more local… and carry on giving our local people a good price.”

Dave explained they’re able to offer such a bargain price that leads to vehicles queuing down the street because they sell so much fuel.

The garage owner said he keeps a very close eye on the market to work out his costs, and recommended other garages do the same.

His business rebranded just this week and now a massive Essar sign is outside the garage.

Drivers will often be queuing for petrol at the garage right up until when it closes at midnight.

Then, when 6am rolls around and he opens, more queues would have already formed.